Welcome to a tiny corner of the subject of photography.

I was born in the Lake District of England enough years ago to still be amazed at the digital revolution in photography. For me though, this craft remains one of seeing and composition, not one of technology.

I have been teaching my partner recently, what little I know of photography and was struck by how she can compose. A skill born of looking at life and the world around her.

She is wonderful to watch as she discovers how she can put her ideas onto film for the first time. In fact, I have had my passion for the subject rekindled by her enthusiasm.

The technique will come I tell her. We all, at some point in life, try to paint with varying degrees of success. I can paint walls and window frames, but, as far as images are concerned, I am restricted to my cameras. And personally, I think that is not so bad of a restriction!

So, I hope you enjoy what I have to share and you see the painting I wished I could have made!

Years of wandering have led me to beautiful Southern Oregon and I don't think I will ever grow weary of this landscape around me.

If I am lucky and live a long life, then I hope to be out in the Redwoods or along the Rogue River taking pictures when my time comes.

Everything I want is here, and now, I think its time to share some of my views of this world...

I was born in a small rural community in Southern Oregon, the 7th of 9 children.

As early as I can I remember, I was looking and observing things no one seemed to really notice...As a child, I couldn't wait to scramble off towards our big bay window which over looked our large yard which seemed to rest at the foot of purple, snow capped mountains.

It was from there, brief glimspes of my family of Bald Eagles glided over our home. My eyes froze time, captured their proud, fine lines and followed them up their beautiful bodies to various lights and darks. All of us, were flying high, up and off, into their blue heavenly kingdom.

Looking back, in those early moments in time, I knew even then, I wanted to one day, somehow, freeze and record the beauty I had been graced to behold... I just did not know how to...yet...

One summer eve, my prayers were answered.I was divinely introduced to my very best friend to be. A 12,000 mile gap of time and space seperating us, was suddenly bridged between us... It was then, I slowly started to fully become... CherylAnne...

"He saw my heart...He understood my mind...He uncovered the key to the passions of my soul...He called me an Artist...a Seer... All I am, All I have created, All that is yet to be, came from the nurturance, love and patience of one mans belief in me...what I create, I dedicate to him first..."

I hope you enjoy some of my impressions of the life I see...

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